An architectural Award...

Exciting News!

On November 15th 2016 Ontario Wood WORKS! presented an award to St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church for best Institutional-Commercial Wood Design Award, project valued at less than $10 million

CONGRATULATIONS! Many many thanks to everyone who's work contributed to re-build effort of our Temple. To the Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and Trades- we are so grateful for your dedication and enthusiasm on this project.

You can read more about the awards and details HERE.

photo: R.Dashko

for your calendar: Live Broadcast-Consecration of a church in Kropyvnitsya Ukraine.


For your Calendar- Live broadcast 

On Sunday November 6th Patriarch Sviatoslav will preside over the consecration a newly built temple (Birth of St. John the Baptist) in Kropyvnitsya Ukraine. Sung by the Seminarians of the Kyiv Theological Seminary (UGCC). 

Schedule of Services:

Saturday November 5th 18:00(12pm ET) Great Vespers

Order of Consecration Sunday November 6th

8:00 (1am ET) – Matins + Akafist in the newly built church 10:30 (3:30am ET)– Vesting of Clergy in the wooden church. 

10:45(3:45am ET) Procession of Bishops and Clergy from the old temple church to the new temple Урочиста процесія архиєреїв та священиків від дерев’яної церкви до новозбудованого храму

10:50 (3:50am ET) Greeting ofPatriarch Sviatoslav in front of the new temple with Привітання Блаженнішого Святослава перед новозбудованим храмом дітьми, молоддю та парохом парафії

11:00(4am ET) Order of Consecration + Liturgy

For more details in Ukrainian please click the