12 days away...

PARISHIONERS- are you getting email updates? Have you signed up to volunteer through the week before and during the consecration? If not please email office[at]saintelias.com and let us know you can help  and to to be sure we have your updated e-mail address.  

SINGERS- you should have received your practice schedule via email. If not please call the parish office.

The view from the parish house today thanks for Protodeacon Nazar for this photo.

news round-up from around the web.

A FEW NOT-TO-MISS NEWS ITEMS from around the internet.

1. Mnohaya Lita to one of our Jesuits- Fr. Christopher Hadley (now teaching in California)

2. A piece by another of our Jesuits- Deacon Cyril Pinchak http://jesuitsmidwest.org/news-detail?TN=NEWS-20160826021218

3. Martha Charron is doing really well! The latest update is here: https://www.youcaring.com/fr-jason-charron-and-family-605583

In Ottawa- singers rehearsing for the Consecration of Saint Elias Church

The Ottawa delegation of singers are preparing for the Consecration service on October 1. This video is part of a post with observations by Protodeacon Nazariy Yaruniv,  (he and Fr. Ivan Hobela) are visiting us from Lviv Ukraine to help with preparations for the Consecration Weekend.

If this video is any indication we have so much to look forward to.  Our local singers continue rehearsals every Sunday from now until October 1st.