Cemetery Information

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Our designation on Brampton City maps is β€œSt. Elias Church and Cemetery.”  If our cemetery services are needed, call the following:

  • For urgent situations call the parish office 905-459-8888

  • You will be directed to our Cemetery Administrator

  • For non urgent sales please fill out the form or email: cemetery [at]saintelias.com

  • The local Funeral Homes familiar with the services procedure at St. Elias are: Ward's Funeral Home (Downtown Brampton) Cardinal Funeral Homes and Newediuk Funeral Home in Toronto and Mississauga

Plot Pricing

Our Cemetery Administrator will advise you of all necessary fees and prices.

Funeral Services and Facilities

For parishioners, the church itself can be used for the evening visitation and prayers, with the body remaining in it through the night.  After the interment a memorial meal may take place in the parish hall. Please contact the parish office for details.

About The Cemetery

The Cemetery of St. Elias Church is located on the grounds of the Parish, directly behind the Temple. The Cemetery is open to all orthodox Christians (members of the Orthodox or the Catholic Churches). 

In the contemporary world, one might find it strange to have a Cemetery attached to a Church. Yet is very much at the core of the Church's proclamation of the Gospel and actuation of God's love - to console the grieving, to bury the dead, to succour the dying, and to announce the Resurrection from the Death and the vanquishing of death by Christ's death. READ MORE