RequestS for Sacraments


The parish is like a community hospital.  As in a hospital, there are those who are present at all times whose call it is to serve.  This includes the pastor, assisting clergy and staff.  It also includes those parishioners who are always visible, faithfully present at Divine Services, participating in the spiritual and social activities of the community and supporting it financially, making the parish possible.
Just as in a hospital, individuals come to us asking for what we have to offer.  If you are moved to call asking about a Baptism or Wedding, please know that you will be expected to make a commitment consistent with the request.  If you are baptized here or crowned in marriage here, it is because you will continue to worship here (unless you are referred by your current pastor).  If not, and the request is merely one of convenience, for the sake of a child’s baptismal certificate or couple’s need to make their parents happy with a church wedding, please be honest with yourself and with me. 

Baptism or Crowning in Marriage

Prior participation in Divine Services of at least 3 months and membership is required. Come to church during your engagement.   Getting to know you during this time of preparation can and will make all the difference to you – and me. Make yourself known to the community during the pregnancy – you do have 9 months!  Come to church during your pregnancy.  Please do not book your wedding or Baptism dates before proper preparation and discussion with the priest.

Annointing of the Sick + Burials

As for sick calls, we answer the phone (905-459-8888) night and day.    Funerals are corporal work of mercy – as much for the living as for the reposed.  I will serve the Order of Burial even for those who are unknown to me.  The family will be encouraged, especially those who have been away, to benefit from the occasion by renewing their commitment to Christ and His Church.  Death is inevitable, then what?