The Clergy

Father Roman Galadza

Our Pastor is Fr. Roman and his wonderful wife Irene is the "Panyi Matka" of our parish. 

Within the Byzantine Tradition of the Church, we have conserved the tradition of married priests. This sacred tradition stretches back to biblical commandments (Titus 1:6, etc.). 

Father Roman and Irene are the parents of six children, grandparents of 10, and are retired from full-time teaching and chaplaincy in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board.

"Panyi Matka" is one of the terms used to both address and refer to the priest's wife. It means roughly "Reverend Mother.” Other names used in Byzantine Churches for the priest's wife are: Panyi Dobrodyka (also Ukrainian), Presbytera (Greek), Matyushka (Rusyn) - indicating that the priest's wife is not only tireless in good works, but also in a very real sense shares in the priesthood of her husband.  

Father Roman was ordained to the priesthood on August 1, 1970 by +Bishop Isidore Borecky at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Toronto. Soon after, he was assigned to St. Michael the Archangel Church in Welland, Ontario where he served for 5 years. In 1976 Father Roman and his family moved to Brampton to start St. Elias Parish.

Together, Father Roman and Irene have not only raised their own family, but have also fostered the growth of Saint Elias Parish from its beginnings of only a few families to the large community that it now is. This is a testament to their hard work and dedication to each other and the Church. Like any parents, their tasks too often go unnoticed, but have been essential to the pastoral care and nurturing of the parish. Their efforts in liturgical life, fundraising, community events, and spiritual guidance are much appreciated and much beloved.

Protodeacon David Kennedy

Protodeacon David Kennedy was assigned to St. Elias on August 12, 1985.  Previously, he served at St. George’s in Oshawa, and the St. Seraphim Mission in Toronto.  He was ordained deacon by +Bishop Isidore Borecky on July 23, 1978 at St. Elias, and raised to the protodiaconate by +Bishop Isidore on January 15, 1982. He studied at the University of Toronto, BA [philosophy and religious studies] 1975; the University of St. Michael's College (Toronto), MDiv 1978; ThM 1982; U of T (Faculty of Education) BEd 1987.  

Fr. David writes for and manages the blog Diaconate in Christ.  He has a special interest in the history and theology of the diaconate and minor orders, as well as the relationship between liturgy and architecture, and iconographic programing. He can be reached at bdavidkennedy[at]

Many years of tireless work by Protodeacon David and his family (+Cecilia, Mary-Catharine, Cyril, Theodora, Columba, and Aidan) have been integral to the growth of St. Elias Parish. In June of 2015, he retired from teaching in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board [religious studies and philosophy]. 

Subdeacons A.Terebushko and D. Martin

Reader Ilya Galadza