Schedule of Services

We are back in our newly re-built church. The address is 10193 Heritage Road Brampton Ontario.  

At St. Elias, in obedience to the Church, we do our best to be faithful to our Orthodox Tradition, both in Liturgics and in faith. The Articles of Union between our Churches and the Church of Rome are quite explicit: that the divine worship and all prayers and services of Orthros, Vespers, and the night services shall remain intact (without any change at all) for us according to the ancient custom of the Eastern Church... (Brest-Litovsk, art. 2)

Sunday Mornings     

Matins 8am

Liturgy 10am

Holy days

For weekday and Holy Day services please check here or bulletin as  times may vary. Usual schedule is Vigil on the eve of the feast and Divine Liturgy on the Morning of the Feast. Our Parish is on the Revised Julian Calendar (Christmas on the New Gregorian Calendar Easter on the Old Julian Calendar)

Saturday Evenings

Vespers 7pm

 Candle-lit and peaceful, Vespers is a perfect low key introduction to our parish. Bring your children and meet the pastor.