Parishioner Obligations + Benefits

s. cheung

Parishioners are expected to be faithful to their baptismal promises. United with Christ they are expected to live according to His teaching and the teaching of His Church.  Even though times have changed, the moral teachings of the Church have not.  Once membership is requested, collection envelopes are provided to be used for the financial support of the parish. Without it, we cease to exist.  Most important, however, is regular Sunday worship, be it at Vespers or Matins or Divine Liturgy.    We are family here at St. Elias,  large enough to provide a variety of services, but small enough to know one another by name.

As for benefits of membership here at St. Elias, they are many.  The best way to know what they are is to give us a try. You have accessed the parish web site.  Divine Providence has moved you to do so.  Nothing happens by accident and everything is from God. Call me.  Come by for worship – give us a try.  Life is short, but in Christ, it is for ever….