Christ is Born! Христос Раждаєтся!

Dear Parishioners, Family and Friends,

On this snowy, windswept Christmas morning, I take this moment before going to church to greet you with the news once again: Christ is Born! Христос Раждаєтся!

Чи святкуєте нині, чи за 13 днів, прийміть мої сердечні бажання всіх Божих ласк цього свята Його родини.

Since for one reason or another you may not have been able will to be with me this morning,
please permit me to send to you video from the services of Christmas Eve/Day the highlights.

Joy to You at Christmas!
о. Роман Ґаладза, парох
Archpriest Roman Galadza, pastor

Christmas Day 2017 VIDEO

Highlights of the Liturgy on the Feast of the Nativity December 25 2017. Sincere thanks to Markian Radomskiy

MORE VIDEO live feed links to services of Christmas Eve + Day 

Compline + Matins

Christmas Day Liturgy (pt 1)

Vespers Eve of the Nativity

Matins conclusion + Carols

Christmas Day Liturgy (Pt 2) + Carols