Saint Nicholas Feast Day + Charity Collection


ST NICHOLAS FEAST DAY is this week! Bring your children to church for one of the scheduled services, to honour and learn about the SAINT who is more than just a legendary character that brings gifts.

Wednesday Dec 5th: Vespers 7pm Thursday December 6th: Matins 8am Liturgy at 10am (followed by Potluck lunch). Midweek life with kids can be hectic so come when you can, leave when you must. 

December is the month of our St. Nicholas Charity Collection. There is a basket by the icon of St. Nicholas at the front of the church on the left. You can place your cash donations there. If using your donation envelope for this purpose, you can place it in the collection basket or in the basket by the icon. Funds collected will be distributed to families in need, both in Ukraine (through a charitable organization) and locally here in Brampton.

SAINT LOUISE OUTREACH is an organization that looks after the poor in Brampton and works on a shoestring budget. Their needs are many.  
For the next two weeks we will collect food and other items at the church. Please place them on or under the table in the vestibule. Check the list  below for what is needed most. They have more than enough of pasta and beans and ask that you not bring clothing at this time. PERISHABLE items will be delivered immediately. Gifts for teens ages 14 - 17 are also welcome. See: for more information on this organization.  

Consider making a donation of a few items from the list below:

Vegetables (Canned, fresh or frozen)
Pasta Sauce
Canned Luncheon Meat
Canned Fish (Tuna, Salmon etc..)
Fruit (Canned, fresh or frozen)
Carnation or Powdered Milk
Pancake / Muffin Mix
Sugar / Salt
Instant Coffee / Tea
Oil / Vinegar

Kids Items
Formula (Not Jar Food)
Juice Boxes
Peanut Free Snacks
Diapers (Large sizes 4+)
New Toys

Personal Items
Toilet Paper
Tooth Paste/Brushes
Body Soap/Dish Soap
Body Wash
Laundry Soap

Chicken, Fish, Hams, Hamburgers, Hot dogs
Turkeys (Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas)
Bacon / Sandwich Meat

Fresh Milk
Butter or Margarine

Potatoes, Carrots etc…  
Macaroni & Cheese
TV Dinners
Sheppard’s Pie
Fish & Chips

Apples / Oranges
Bananas etc..