On the occasion of Fr. Roman's 75th Birthday, the Parish Council invites you to humorous fundraising event with 100% of the proceeds applied directly to the St. Elias (Rebuild) Mortgage Fund (which will also benefit Fr. Roman directly by reducing his financial stress levels).


or mail a cheque to:

10173 Heritage Rd. Brampton Ontario L7A 0A1

or send an e-transfer to office[at] 

Dear Parishioners, well-wishers and friends of Fr. Roman Galadza, 

You are invited to a "don't come to the party" party! 

Here's how it works:
1. BUY your "limited edition commemorative-photo-of-6yo-Fr-Roman" event ticket (tax receipt eligible)
You can purchase a ticket after liturgy, on line, or send an interac-e transfer. If you purchase on line or by mail you will receive your ticket by mail. Tickets are 100$ each (or donate-what-you-can for families, students and those with tighter budgets). Cheques can be made out to Saint Elias Mortgage Fund ref: Fr Roman 75

2. DO NOT COME TO THE PARTY! Yes that is right, NO babysitter fees, NO gas expenses, DO NOT get dressed up, dinner WILL NOT be served, there will be NO dancing and NO cake. THERE IS NO PARTY! 

3. ENJOY Fr. Romans new relaxed temperament

4. COME TO A THANK YOU POTLUCK (date TBD). You WILL want to come to this because Fr. Roman will host (by popular demand ) another giveaway of valuable door prizes from his collection of treasures accumulated on Saturday morning buying trips (aka garage sales). 

questions? office [at]