Bulletin Sunday November 11

Please note:  1.  When feast day schedules are printed only the date of the feast is given.  Vespers or Vigils always take place the evening before (on the eve).

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Saint Elias ADVENT/CHRISTMAS market is coming soon. Can you volunteer for a few hours? Please email the office or sign up on the list located in the church hall.


A note about the safety + supervision of children on Church property

1.  THANK YOU, for bringing your children to church!  Be assured, the effort (and it does take a lot of effort with little ones) is well worth it!

2.  It is a beautiful sight to see children playing on church grounds after Divine Liturgy (during Liturgy they are with you in church - yes?).

3.  In this good weather, the pond is a great attraction - but also poses a great risk!  No child of any age should be anywhere near the pond without PARENTAL supervision.   

4.  Rock climbing is a great sport, but climbing the rock walls around the church and playing around ventilation equipment also presents a liability.

5. We have been blessed with beautiful grounds - our own church “park”.  Do enjoy this gift with your children keeping them safe under your watchful eye!