In addition to this attached bulletin, is the following: FULL BULLETIN CLICK HERE

BAPTISMS THIS SUNDAY  begin at 9:45.

Please enter through the porch door on the south side.

Our church residents (mother goose and gander) are still awaiting the hatching of the baby geese.

Parents!  Please keep children away from the nesting area (to the left of the basement door)

as the gander can be quite aggressive while doing his "fatherly" duty in protecting his family.

Walking calmly and ignoring him seems to work best in avoiding conflict.

Fun-In-The-Sun Day Camp registration forms are available in the church hall.  Space is limited,

so please do not delay registering your child/ren.

Donations for the Mothers' Day Lunch for Life totalled $800.00.  Thank you! 

Attention Direct Deposit Donors:  If you wish to have something to put into the collection basket

as it passes by, there are orange cards for this purpose on the table by the candles.  

When you are away on Sunday, please remember that a regular cash flow is needed  to meet

parish financial responsibilities.  The direct deposit option is one way to ensure your donations

are regular.  

POND CLEAN-UP - on Monday and Tuesday.  If you can help, please call the parish office, 905-459-8888.