July 14th weekly bulletin click here

This weekend!

DEACONAL ORDINATION OF CYRIL KENNEDY - This coming Saturday, here at Saint Elias. A cause for great celebration in our parish family. We welcome His Grace DAVID of Edmonton - a wonderful blessing on our Feast! See schedule of services below.


Saturday July 20th Feast of Saint Elias + Ordination to the Diaconate of Subdeacon Cyril Kennedy. Sunday July 21st Liturgy + Parish Picnic. More info + schedule of services to come.

More Announcements:

A Note about parish e-mailings

It has come to our attention that many people are not receiving their church email bulletins or are receiving them as  much as a week or two later.  This may be because the bulk emails with attachments as we send them, are seen as spam by email providers.  To comply with the new rules governing bulk mailing, we will be transitioning to  a software program specifically designed forlarge mailing lists.  Until we have perfected its use, we will NOT be emailing the weekly bulletin.  Instead, please read the weekly bulletin on the parish website if you are not in church to receive the hard copy. It will be posted on Saturdays. We may still occasionally send out a special announcement such as the following:

A note about the safety + supervision of children on Church property

1.  THANK YOU, for bringing your children to church!  Be assured, the effort (and it does take a lot of effort with little ones) is well worth it!

2.  It is a beautiful sight to see children playing on church grounds after Divine Liturgy (during Liturgy they are with you in church - yes?).

3.  In this good weather, the pond is a great attraction - but also poses a great risk!  No child of any age should be anywhere near the pond without PARENTAL supervision.   

4.  Rock climbing is a great sport, but climbing the rock walls around the church and playing around ventilation equipment also presents a liability.

5. We have been blessed with beautiful grounds - our own church “park”.  Do enjoy this gift with your children keeping them safe under your watchful